The Patterson Resolution Group members are experienced neutrals who assist parties in reaching a voluntary resolution of a dispute. Mediation is a non-binding process conducted in a private, informal setting.


Members of the Patterson Resolution Group provide services to resolve all outstanding controversies in a dispute. Unlike mediation, arbitration is a binding process, resulting in a final resolution of the dispute. In contrast to litigation, arbitration is more expeditious and cost-effective and has the advantage of confidentially. Additionally, parties can select an arbitrator with substantive knowledge of the issues.

Settlement/Mediation Counsel

Drawing on their experience as mediators and arbitrators, members of the Patterson Resolution Group provide services to assist parties and counsel in the settlement process.

Special Master

Members of the Patterson Resolution Group have served as special masters, appointed by a presiding judge in cases in state and federal courts. Cases in which a special master might be appointed usually involve a larger number of parties, significant amounts of money or specialized issues.

Mock Oral Argument

Members will sit as a mock court panel and hear arguments, ask questions, and provide analysis and critique.